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Lily Tapestry Loom - Mirrix


122 cm large tapestry loom

Lily is Mirrix's newest loom. At 122cm wide with a 114cm weaving width and 205cm of weaving length (215cm without the shedding device), this giant loom is perfect for anyone looking to make large tapestries, or rugs, but who doesn't have space (or the budget) for a floor loom. The Lily Loom has fold-out legs so it can be stored flat, making it the most portable large tapestry and rug loom that we know of. 

The top and bottom beams are made of anodized aluminum; the sidebars are made of steel and copper; the wooden clips are made of maple.

The shedding device doesn’t have to be used for every project. When warping you can choose to put the shedding device on the loom or not to. If you plan on using the shedding device with this loom, you will want to buy heddles (Texsolv heddles for Mirrix loom) or you can make your own heddles.

- four warp coils: 8, 10, 12 and 14 dents / inch,
- shedding device with shed extenders and two extended shedding device handles (one for each side of the loom),
- two extended wooden clips,
- warping bar,
- flat wrench,
- Allen wrench,
- warp coil/spring bar,
- written instructions.

Optional: Texsolv heddles for Mirrix loom

Weight: 9kg

View the following guides:

- Loom Setup and warping click here
- Tapestry techniques tutorial click here

View Mirrix's videos here

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