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Pick-up stick - Ashford

Add texture and visual appeal to weaving.

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Product Name Qty
Pick-up stick 84 cm, for RH 80 cm
Pick-up stick 76.7 cm, for Knitters-loom 70 cm
Pick-up stick 64 cm, for RH 60 cm
Pick-up stick 56.7 cm, for knitters-loom 50 cm
Pick-up stick 44 cm, for RH 40 cm
Pick-up stick 41.5 cm, for Sample-it loom 40 cm
Pick-up stick 36.7 cm, for Knitters-loom 30 cm
Pick-up stick 27.7 cm, for Sample-it 25 cm

The Pickup stick lengths have been refined to fit perfectly on the Ashford looms.
Use pickup sticks to create additional sheds for double weave, patterns and textures in your weaving.
The Pickup Sticks are made from solid timber and feature at tapered point perfect for picking up individual threads. Convenient holes at each end for securing your picked up threads with a safety string.

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Country of Manufacture New Zealand
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