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These sales conditions apply to the selling activities on the Artifilum website and for all that concerns distance selling or other distance service supplies between, the society Au fil de Lina- Artifilum, whose headquarters are located at 1102 chemin de Rimbelpré, 88370 Plombières-les-Bains, France, registered at the registre du commerce et des sociétés du Greffe du Tribunal d’Epinal under the SIREN number Siret 539 062 992 0001 8 - FR41 539062992 VAT and any person or entity making an order via distance selling, hereinafter called ‘the customer’.

The General Sales Conditions were established on March the 20th 2012 (last update 15th of December 2020) and are subject to changes based on regulations and laws evolutions in France.

Article 1. Application of commercial terms

The General Sales Conditions will be accepted by the customer without reservation for all distance made orders. The customer is fully aware of these conditions and thus its acceptance will necessarily be required upon the confirmation of the order.

The General Conditions of Sale applies exclusively to all sales made by the society Au fil de Lina - Artifilum both for its own account and on behalf of his constituents.

The information provided on the Artifilum website for catalogs, photographs, notes, are for illustrative purposes only and may be changed or updated without notice at any time

The prices indicated on are subject to change without notice. However, these are guaranteed once the sale is definitively validated, and the products are invoiced under the conditions in force on the date of registration.

The prices indicated are inclusive of all taxes (VAT), at the rate applied in France. Since July 1st 2021, for the sale of our products to individuals, we apply the VAT rates of the country of delivery located in the European Union. As a result, the invoiced price may be different from the price including VAT presented on the site.

Concerning products imported from countries outside the European Union (Ashford from New Zealand, Leclerc looms from Canada, Mirrix from the United States) Artifilum carries out all customs clearance procedures. As a result, Artifilum ships the products from their headquarters and the customer does not have to bear advance customs fees for any delivery to one of the countries of the European Union.

When the customer connects to the website, the VAT rates of the country of delivery automatically apply to the price excluding VAT of the products ordered.

Article 2. Orders

The offers are valid while stocks last. If out of stock, Artifilum undertakes to inform the customer of the estimated delivery time required for replenishment. If this period exceeds 30 days after the order, the order will be validated with the consent of the client.

If unable to replenish the proposed article, Artifilum offers the customer a similar product or makes a refund of the ordered product.

Artifilum do the necessary to have as many products as possible available in stock. However, depending on the orders, Artifilum will have to ask suppliers to supply and delivery times will be necessary. The customer has the possibility to contact Artifilum before placing his order. In that case, Artifilum will be able to confirm to the customer the availability of the requested products. If needed, Artifilum will in any case communicate the delivery delays to the customer.

Article 3. Presentation of products on the Artifilum website

Artifilum takes great care to provide their customers with as much information as possible about the essential characteristics of the products. The photographs contained on this site are not contractual. Colors may vary depending on the nature of the computer screen used. In case of doubt about the colors, Artifilum can give advice that helps the customer in his choice. Products shown may undergo changes at the initiative of manufacturers.

Colors may also vary according to the dates of manufacture of lots.

Article 4. Different steps helping to place an order

4-1. Creating an account: When ordering for the first time on the Artifilum website, as a new customer, the customer must create an ‘account’. A ‘login’ and a password of at least eight alphanumeric characters will be requested. During each visit to the Artifilum website, the customer will have the possibility to access to his account via a secure connection where the customer may carry out his future orders safely.

The orders can be made in French or in English.

4-2 Cart: before confirming the order, the offer for sale is evidenced by the ‘cart’, which will include following information:

- The name of the product or the service,

- The amount of each item ordered according to the number or weight required (retail products with a price per kilo),

- The total amount of the order,

- The validity of the offer,

- Delivery charges,

- Payment terms,

- The terms of delivery or performance,

The customer is invited, before the validation of the order to verify the possible errors and to correct them.

The client validation for the order is the electronic signature which has the value between the two parties as a signature (Law 2000-230 dated the 13th of March 2000).

Artifilum reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order.

The society Au Fil de Lina – Artifilum applies for all shipments to France metropolis, a flat transport sum (9.80 € including tax since the 20th of March 2012), the rate offered by Colissimo, the rate offered in Relay deposit, by Chronopost or by special carrier. Customers that have a special discount will be charged for actual costs.

For shipments outside France, real costs are charged

It is understood that the parcels to France, whose dimensions exceed 1 meter, cannot be sent to a Relay deposit. In this case, Artifilum will contact the customer to find together the most suitable delivery solution, without additional cost for the customer.

Regarding the Ashford product range (from New Zealand), Artifilum does not do any discount sales.

It is reminded that according to the law, we keep the data of your orders for a minimum duration of 10 years.

Depending on the characteristics of a non-standard package (size, weight, destination), Artifilum will select the most suitable carrier without extra cost for the customer.

Article 5. Payment of the order

Artifilum orders are payable by credit card (CB, Visa, Mastercard). The payment system is secure. Personal information of the customer, the credit card number is protected and encrypted by the bank platform.

Orders sent by mail must be accompanied by a payment (check payable to Artifilum) before recording.

Artifilum accepts administrative payments (local communities, public establishments) via Chorus. In this case, the Artifilum services are available to the customer to provide him a detailed quote which must be validated when ordering.

For all orders placed via the website, a confirmation will be emailed automatically with a summary of the purchase.

Article 6. General terms and conditions 3x 4x Oney with fee

Payment of your order in 3 or 4 times by credit card from 100 € of purchases up to € 3,000 with Oney Bank.
Our partner Oney Bank offers you a financing solution called 3x 4x Oney, which allows you to pay your purchases from € 100 to € 3,000 in 3 or 4 times with your credit card.
Conditions: This offer is reserved for private adult individuals residing in France and holders of a Visa and MasterCard bank card with a validity date greater than the term of the financing chosen. Systematic authorization cards, in particular type Electron, Maestro, Nickel etc ... as well as e-cards, Indigo and American cards Express are not accepted.
Terms and conditions of subscription: After completing your order, simply click on the "3x 4x Oney credit card payment” button.
You are then redirected to our partner's 3x 4x Oney web page displaying the detailed summary of your order and the personalized financing request, which you must then validate.
You enter your personal information or, if you have a 3x 4x Oney account, you identify yourself using the login details linked to your 3x 4x Oney account. You read the general conditions of payment in installments to which you wish to subscribe which are provided to you in PDF format so that you be able to read, print and save them before accepting them.
You then notify your electronic acceptance by ticking the corresponding checkbox. You acknowledge that the "double click" associated with the checkbox on the general terms and conditions is your consent to contract and constitute an irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of the product.
Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded by Oney Bank constitutes proof of all transactions between you and Oney Bank.
If you request to benefit from a financing solution offered by Oney Bank, the information relating to your order will be sent to Oney Bank, which will use it for the purposes of reviewing your request for the granting, management and collection of credit.
Oney Bank reserves the right to accept or refuse your request for financing in 3x 4x Oney. You have a 14-day cooling-off period to give up your credit.
Operation: The payment in 3 or 4 times by bank card allows you to pay the order made on our website as follows ;
-A mandatory contribution, debited on the day of confirmation of the shipment of your order corresponding to a third or a quarter of the order, to which are added fees corresponding to 1.45% of the total amount of the order for 3 times and at 2.2% for 4 times (within the limit of 15 € maximum for a payment in 3 installments and a maximum of 30 € for a 4 installment); - two or three monthly payments, each corresponding to a third or a quarter of the order, taken 30 and 60 days later for the 3 times and at 30, 60 and 90 days later for the 4th time.

  • Payment in 3 times from € 100 of purchase and up to € 3000 Example: For a purchase of 150 €, contribution of 52.18 € then 2 monthly payments from 50 €. Credit for 2 months at a fixed APR of 19.31%. Cost of financing: € 2.18 in the limit of 15 € maximum.
  • Payment in 4 times from € 100 of purchase and up to € 3000 Example: For a purchase of € 400, contribution of € 108.80 then 3 monthly payments of € 100. 3-month credit at a fixed APR of 19.61%. Cost of financing: € 8.80 within the limit of € 30 maximum.

Oney Bank - SA with capital of € 51,286,585 - Headquarters: 34 avenue de Flandre 59170 CROIX - RCS Lille Métropole 546 380 197 - Orias n °: 07 023 261 - - Correspondence: CS 60006 - 59 895 Lille Cedex 9 -

Article 7. Monitoring the order

Before confirming the order, Artifilum communicates the date of delivery to the customer.

The customer will be informed of the status of their order throughout the process by consulting his personal account on the Artifilum website - access is free off connection fee to the customer.

If sent by Colissimo - the Post, a tracking number of the parcel will automatically be emailed to the customer. Tracking is available on the website

Article 8. Withdrawal

In accordance with the Consumer Code on distance selling (article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code), the customer has a period of 14 clear days to withdraw upon receipt of the goods or acceptance of the offer for services (training course). In this case, the customer may send goods back at his own expense to the address Artifilum, 1102 Chemin de Rimbelpré, 88370 Plombières-les-Bains, in their original condition and packaging. In this context, the customer may either request a refund of the sums paid, or the exchange of the products. The shipping costs of the exchange will be at the expense by the customer. In the event of a refund request, Artifilum will make the refund excluding shipping costs (at customers expense), within 14 clear days following the date of receipt of the order returned by the customer. The right of withdrawal cannot give right to any compensation or penalties whatsoever. The right of withdrawal can, in no way, apply to personalized purchases or to those that has been given special preparation, making it impossible to take back the product. To download the withdrawal form, click here.

Article 9. Delivery

Free shipping for any cart over €250 (only for orders without discount). Valid only for orders in France, Andorra and Monaco. Artifilum reserves the right to choose the most suitable mode of transport for the order.

All products sold by Artifilum are verified by their services. Artifilum avoid deliveries directly from the manufacturer to the customer. These remain exceptions and are notified directly to the customer for approval.

The customer will receive confirmation of regular shipment delivery times when sending the package. For the Post the shipping delay is 48 hours. Artifilum cannot be held responsible for lateness in delivery of goods. For any delay (beyond 7 days), it is recommended that the customer contact Artifilum to start an investigation with the selected carrier.

In case of damage or loss, the customer must make accurate and detailed written reservations on the freight waybill in the carrier's presence. He must then apply directly by registered letter to the carrier to confirm reservations within 3 calendar days after delivery.

For parcels delivered by post, if the packaging has been reconditioned by the postal services, it is highly recommended for the client to request a finding damage established by the Postal Service. Artifilum should be informed as soon as possible to request an investigation. It is possible to reject the damaged package which will be returned to Artifilum. Upon receipt of the returned parcel, a new shipment will be made without any extra cost.

Products returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer will not be resumed.

Although Artifilum do their best to ensure the delivery of orders within specified time, the customer may cancel the purchase by sending a registered letter by mail if the delay exceeds more than 7 days of this time. He will be refunded all the paid amounts within thirty days of the payment.

This measure does not apply in case of delay in delivery due to force majeure as defined by law.

Article 9 bis

The Chronopost option offers a rapid delivery time for your order (delivery the next day if working day, before 13h in Relay deposit, before 18h at home). However, the delay begins only when the order is complete and ready to be shipped, knowing that shipments can be insured until 10:00 am in the morning.
If the order requires a certain period of preparation, the customer will be notified at the latest, the next day (working day) after order date. The additional period does not modify the requested service and does not give rise to reimbursement.

Chronopost shippings are not insured on Saturdays.
In case of partial shipment, only the first shipment will be made by Chronopost, the balance will be shipped by normal route.
Regarding shipments to a Relay deposit, the Chronopost standards require that the dimensions of the package do not exceed 100 cm. In the case of out-of-the-box shipping, an alternative solution will be offered to the customer without any additional cost.
In case of urgent order, it is highly recommended to contact us, either by mail or by phone, before confirming your order.

Article 10. Property
In application of the Law n ° 80-335, of 12th of May 1980 regarding the effects of clauses of reservation of ownership in sales contracts, the goods to be delivered and invoiced to the Buyer shall remain the property of Artifilum until full payment of their price.

Article 11. Guarantees

Products distributed by Au Fil de Lina - Artifilum benefits besides legal guarantees from the date of delivery of any manufacturing defects, a contractual warranty of two years for all electrical and mechanical equipment by normal use and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendation

It is recalled that all the electrical appliances marketed by Artifilum meet the CE norm.

Article 12. Data Protection

The information requested from the client is necessary for the proceeding of his order.

In application of the Law No. 78-17 of 6th January 1978 relating to computers, files and liberties, Consolidated version May the 14th , 2009, you have the right to oppose (Article 26), access rights (Articles 34 to 38) and rectification rights (Article 36) of data which concerns you. Thus, you can require rectifying, complete, clarify, update or delete information about you which is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited. If you wish to exercise this right, simply contact us on via

In principle, Artifilum refuses to use its customer database and email addresses for any other purpose than the proper functioning of the company. Therefore, we will never sell our files.

Article 13. Relations with customers

Artifilum listen to their customers and are available by telephone number +33 3 29 34 33 12 (standard rate) or by email at

In case of dispute between the client and Artifilum, customer service is committed to respond in writing to any claim or different that may arise from a transaction between the customer and Artifilum.

In the absence of agreement, the jurisdiction in any dispute will be at the customer's unprofessional. In the opposite case, the Commercial Court of Epinal is solely responsible.


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