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Cotton Rug Warp unbleached


Ctton warp yran for weaving rugs

Strong, high quality cotton warp yarn. 100% Cotton. Used as warp yarn to weave thick rugs or drapes.

Cotton 12/6: Unbleached, diameter 0.8mm, spool 500 g (approx. 1560m)
Cotton 12/9 : Unbleached, diameter 1.0mm, spool 500 g (approx. 1.000m)
Cotton 12/12 : Unbleached, diameter 1.2mm, spool 500 g (approx. 785m)
Cotton 12/18 : Unbleached, diameter 1.4mm, spool 500 g (approx. 495m)
Cotton 12/24 : Unbleached, diameter 1.6mm, spool 500 g (approx. 340m)
Cotton 12/30 : Unbleached, diameter 1.8mm, spool 500 g (approx. 295m)
Cotton 12/36 : Unbleached, diameter, 2.0mm, spool 500 g (approx. 245m)

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Country of Manufacture Sweden
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