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Gengis Khan 3 - Fonty


100% Arkhangai Yak Down

This remarkable soft yarn, made by Fonty in France, consists of 100% Yak down from the Khangai mountains (Mongolia), produced by the region's cooperative of Yak herders, with the technical support of Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders. The yaks are combed in the spring by Mongolian breeders, and after sorting, just under 100 g of down per animal per year are harvested and transformed into yarn by the Fonty spinning mill.

Yak down is recognized for its unique properties, its heating power, its suppleness, its comfort, its extreme softness in contact with the skin. Genghis Khan is a perfect yarn for making scarves, baby clothes, plaids, beanies, sweaters and others in knitting or weaving.


Entirely natural and without any chemical treatment, this yarn is available in 3 natural tones (the colors of yak fleece).


Hand washing. Genghis Khan has the particularity of softening with successive washes.


100% yak down yarn,
Ball of 50 g = 200 m±
Women's sweater size 40: 7 balls±
Sample 10 x 10 cm: 30 stitches / 39 rows
No. 3 knitting needles 3
Natural colors

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Country of Manufacture France
Size No
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