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Basic jumbo flyer unit (BJFU) - Ashford


Basic Jumbo Flyer Unit Single Drive for Traditional and Traveller wheels.

The Jumbo bobbin and the 4 speeds pulley allow a wide range of yarns to be spun. The Jumbo bearing bush makes Jumbo and Standard Flyers interchangeable -no need to remove the maiden upright. To use your Standard flyer, just insert this bush into the Jumbo bearing on your upright.

15mm orifice + 10mm reducer bush.


Traditional: 4.5     7.5     9.5    12.5:1
Traveller:    3.5     6.0     7.5     10.0:1

Included accessories:

-1 Jumbo Flyer
-1 Drive band
-1 Jumbo Bobin
-1 threading hook
-1 Nylon break
-1 Jumbo Flyer Bearing
-12 Flyer hooks
-2 Tension springs

For single drive Traditional and Traveller 2 wheels

The Jumbo bobbin and the 4 speeds pulley large bobbin and orifice allow spinning chunky and novelty yarns or production spinning and plying.


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Country of Manufacture New Zealand
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