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Fly Shuttle - Leclerc


Shuttle for Flying Shuttle beater.

Leclerc's fly shuttle features the latest design technology combining the exact weight for efficient travel and boxing along with our latest self-threading adjustable tension device. The weight of the solid brass eye (Tension device) combined with the precision contoured wood body weight are the key to maximum Fly shuttle efficiency.

•    Professional  wooden shuttle for flying shuttle beater with metal capped ends,
•    Dimensions 38cm long, 4 cm deep, 3,5cm high.
•    Including  1 plastic pirn, length 17,5cm
•    Weight : 0,485kg,
•    Special tension device allows the weaver to adjust the tension for each
type of yarn giving a perfect selvage (key for tightening or loosening included).
•    Yarn feeds through the tension device quickly and easily.
•    The eye tension devise is self-threaded by inserting the yarn into the slotted top and pulling through. The tension is adjusted by a single key inserted in the top of the eye and turning clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen.
This unique design of the tension device will accommodate the wide range of yarns familiar to hand weavers, from the finest smooth surface high twist yarns to the coarser handspun.

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