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Leclerc Tension box


For sectional warping.

The wooden tension box used with the Sectional Warp Beam and is adjustable to fit on the back beam of any Leclerc floor loom.

The tension is adjustable for uniform tension on all warp ends as they are wound from the spool rack to the loom.The tension box rollers can be adjusted for desired tension. Different configurations are possible ('standard' installation with 3 tension rollers for a normal tension or a 'special' installation with 4 rollers for higher tension).

Two open 12 threads per inch (4,8/cm) combs allow easy threading and help guide threads into the proper section (it is not necessary to have a reed similar to the one you will use on the loom because the threads are equally distributed over a width corresponding to the width of the section).

The tension box can also be used with an optional counter, to give the number of meters of yarn.
An extension can be fitted to the tension box to improve width control.

Fits into breastbeams 4 to 8,5 cm

Optional: metric counter, tension box extension.

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