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Métier à tisser NILUS ll - Métiers Leclerc

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Solid and stable weaving loom

Nilus II is available in following versions:
- Jack-type, 4 shafts, front hinge treadle, width 90, 115 or 150 cm
- Jack-type, 8 shafts, front or back hinge treadle, width 90, 115 or 150 cm
- Contrebalancé, 4 shafts, front hinge treadle, width 90, 115, 150 or 180 cm
- Contremarche, 8  shafts, back hinge treadle, width 90, 115 or 150 cm

Standard equipment: 1 Steel reed 30, 40 or 50/10, 2 lease sticks, Wire heddles 317 mm, treadles, 1 boat shuttle 30 cm, 12 plastic bobbins, 2 aprons, 1 reed & heddle hook, 4 warp rods, 2 cords, book ‘Warp and Weave’, assembly instructions and video.

The Nilus II is available in three versions; Jack-type, counterbalance or countermarch. Folded, the loom measures 70 cm in depth. These looms have been designed with a stabilizer foot, for better stability. The shed is always good with any tie-up combination.

The counter-balanced version is built with an integrated shed regulator, so it is possible to weave any kind of material.

On the jack-type version, the top can be easily removed, allowing easy access to the shafts for the addition or removal of heddles. It is a loom with independent shafts, guided by pegs at each side, preventing friction of the frames which are pushed upwards by an underneath mechanism.

All Nilus II looms have non-sliding polyvinyl foot pads under the uprights to keep it solid on the floor. It is equipped with a friction brake giving perfect tension every time. The front cloth beam and back thread beam are removable for easy threading, and the warp beam is also removeable for outside beaming when required. All looms are equipped with a regular plain beam to which a set of rake-like pieces can be added to convert it into a sectional warp beam.

Special kits have been designed to convert the regular 4 shaft jack-type into an 8 shaft jack-type loom. A new back hinge treadle kit is also available. Any Nilus II 8 shaft can be upgraded to a back hinge treadle loom.

Our countermarche system has only one set of lams, two sets of pulleys above the shafts and one set of pulleys below. In a countermarche loom, every shaft is actively involved in each shed: each shaft is either lifted or pulled down by each pedal. Uneven sheds like 3 shafts against 1 are always large and clean. Because you actually lift or pull down every shaft, you never have any problem with one shaft floating when it should not.


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