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Silk-Merino Sliver - Ashford

Create fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving

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Silk-Merino Juniper
Silk-Merino Pomegranate
Silk-Merino Saffron
Silk-Merino Cinnamon
Silk-Merino Peppercorns
Silk-Merino Salvia
Silk-Merino Mulberry
Silk-Merino Poppy Seed
Silk-Merino Spice
Silk-Merino Damson
Silk-Merino Vanilla
Silk-Merino Storm
Silk-Merino Sunset
Silk-Merino Sorbet
Silk-Merino Gemstone
Silk-Merino Flamingo
Silk-Merino Berries
Silk-Merino Skycape
Silk-Merino Avocado
Silk-Merino Citrus

A sumptuous fibre blend in 15 beautiful random colour ways, made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk.
The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend.

Fifteen random colour ways:

Juniper : A midnight shade with blues, violet and black
Pomegranate : Rich reds with a touch of lime
Saffron : Fiery reds and gold
Cinnamon : Warm earth tones
Peppercorns : Forest shades of greens and brown
Salvia : Jewel tones of blue, green and purple
Mulberry : Glowing shades of red, mauve and gold
Poppy seed : A sophisticated blend of black and silver with a touch of red
Spice : Rich chocolate with warm tones of gold and tan
Damson : Vivid blues with shots of raspberry and purple
Vanilla : White on white.
Storm : Midnight shades of ruby and grey
Sunset : Soothing warm tones from crimson to purple
Sorbet : Pastel milkshake blend
Gemstone : Rich jewel tones

New colors:
Flamingo: Shades of pink with a touch of lavender
Berries: Shades of red with a touch of indigo
Skyscape: Shades of blue and grey
Avocado: Shades of green with a touch of orange
Citrus: Shades of yellow, orange and lime

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Country of Manufacture New Zealand
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