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This jack-type floor loom is designed for the weaver with limited space who wants a fairly wide, solid loom.

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Artisat, Jack-type, 4 shafts
Artisat, Jack-type, 8 shafts
Artisat, Jack-type, 8 shafts Back hinge treadles

 The Artisat loom, is a quiet floor model loom, weaving width 90 cm, equipped with an easy tie-up system. Loom weight has been reduced but still sufficiently sturdy to do heavy work. It can be folded front and back to a depth of 36 cm (for the 4-shaft loom) even with weaving on the loom.

 The 4-shaft loom built with 6 treadles, permits any combination of tie-ups and can be converted to a 8 shaft loom with the 4 extra shaft kit (optional).  

 Equipped with a regular plain beam (circumference 7 cm) which can be converted into a sectional warp beam (optional).

 Artisat loom with back hinge treadles :
Jack-looms are known for their simplicity and easy tie-up system. The disadvantage of this type of loom, is the difficulty in getting a good shed especially when using more than 4 shafts.
 Our new design has overcome this problem.  The new design features treadles anchored at the rear of the loom, gives the weaver all the necessary force to lift the warp threads. A moving part attached to the treadle allows an equalized tension on all the treadle cords. A cord attached to the front of this moving part controls the angle of the shafts providing a clear shed. However, due to the long length of the pedals, folding the loom is more complex than with the frontal treadles.

Standard equipment :

6 treadles, 1 steel reed 30/10, 40/10 or 50/10 (specify when ordering), 1000 wire heddles 26,8 mm, 1 boat shuttle 30 cm,
12 nylon bobbins, 1 heddle hook, 2 lease sticks, 2 beam sticks, 1 apron, 2 warp rods, 2 cords, Book ‘Warp and Weave’ and assembly instructions.

Optional :

-Kit ‘4 extra shafts + back hinges’ (from 4 shaft front treadles to 8 shaft wih back hinge treadles),
-Kit ‘8 back hinge treadles’ (from 8 shaft with front treadles to 8 shaft with back hinge treadles),
-Sectional warp beam (2,5cm sections),
-Sectional warp beam (5cm sections),
-Ajustable bench, length 61cm,
-Open end bench, lenght 96cm,
-Double warp beam.

These optional items will soon be visible on our website. In meantime, for further information and prices, please contact us on 03 29 34 33 12 or via

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