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Superfine Drum Carder


Our NEW Superfine Drum Carder with 120 point cloth allows you to card your super fine fibres with confidence and ease.

Exceptionnal delivery delay: late July

Effortlessly prepare all your fibres including alpaca, angora, cashmere, dog hair, llama and Merino ready to felt or spin into luxurious fine yarns.

Have fun mixing fibres and colours to create your own unique exotic blends.

Complete with a packer brush to smooth and control fine low crimp fibres such as alpaca, angora and silk plus pack more fibres onto the large drum.


Includes a cleaning brush, packer brush, doffer and clamps.


Superfine 120 point teeth.  


Two carding ratios for more flexibility :

4:1 – For fast creative blending of slivers and colours.

6:1 – For smooth, controlled carding of fleeces and fibres.


The adjustable drum clearance allows you to set the gap to suit your fibre.

Carding width: 20cm (8ins)

Makes a 50gm (2oz) batt

Finished batt size: 60 x 20cm (24 x 8ins)

Weight: only 5kg (11lbs)

Assembled and lacquered

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Country of Manufacture New Zealand
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