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EEVA loom + Computor control - TOIKA

As low as €13,700.00
When the loom naturally combines with the computer

Traditional hand weaving requires its new tie-up of the loom and the weaver must remember to refer to threading and treadling charts for every project. With the EW computer control unit, all of the tie-up work and mental effort spent on threading and treadling are things of the past

Connect the control box to your Eeva, connect the shafts to the unit and that is the last tie-up ever. The weaver can then spend time designing on the computer. Treadles, jacks and lamms are replaced by a single, easy to operate, fatigue limiting pedal. The control unit, directed by your computer, selects the appropriate shafts and opens the shed on your loom automatically according to the design that the weaver has added to the software. And there are no treadling errors.  

Powered by a dedicated version of WeavePoint software, the system will operate from any PC using Windows 98 or a later version.

The EW computer control system offers three weaving modes. Fast mode closes the shed on one pick and opens the next one by pressing the pedal. Slow mode opens the shed with one press of the pedal and closes the shed with another press. Normal mode allows the weaver to keep the shed open as long as the pedal is depressed. Sheds are also even throughout all of the shafts as the system automatically compensates for shafts that are further from the weaver.

Delivered with WeavePoint 8.0 software, bench, shafts, pedal, tie-up bars, cross-warp sticks and tie-up set.

The loom is delivered in a wooden box.

Optional: reeds, warp sticks (or beam apron), heddles (330/12), shuttles, raddle, cog-wheel warp release system and other weaving accessories.

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Country of Manufacture Finland
Availbility On order
Width of beam 80, 100 , 120, 150cm
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